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Koorsooyinka ay bixiso Shirkadda Open Interface Software Builder

Koorsooyinka ay idiin hayso shirkadda open Interface Software Builder Waa kuwa hoos kuxusan:


Course Duration
1.Photoshop 1 Month(16 hours)
2.Video Editor 2 Weeks(8 hours)
3.Sound Editor 2 Weeks(8 hours)

Programming Languages:

Course Duration
1.C# 3 Months(72 hours) 2 Months(48 hours)
3.C,C++ 2 Months(48 hours)
4.Java 3 Months(72 hours)
5.PHP 3 Months(72 hours)
6. Android 2 Months(48 hours)

Website Design:

Course Duration
1.ASP.Net 3 Months(72 hours)
2.HTML 1 Months(24 hours)
3.Java Script 1 Months(24 hours)
4.Wordpress 1 Months(24 hours)

Database Programs:

Course Duration
1.MS SQL Server 1 Month(16 hours)
2.MS Access 1 Month(16 hours)
3.Mysql 1 Month(16 hours)
4.Oracle 2 Months(32 hours)


Course Duration
1.Basic Networking 2 Months(32 hours)
2.Advanced Networking 2 Months(32 hours)
3.Wireless 1 Month(16 hours)

Assistant Programs:

Course Duration
1.MS Office 3 Months(48 hours)
2.Hardware 2Months(32 hours)
3.SPSS 1 Month(16 hours)
4.Windows Maintenance 2 Weeks(8 hours)
5.Drivers 1 Week(4 hours)



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